09 May 2008

Hassan & Tedra's Engagement

Hassan Lewis chose May 2, 2008 as the day he would propose to his girlfriend Tedra.

Verve Lounge downtown Atlanta was the location. Initially when I spoke to Hassan, he gave me the details of his planned surprise. Tedra thought she was just having a Girl's Night Out with 2 friends.

While Tedra & her friends were seated in a private dining area, the hostess had instructions to put on a cd & while that played, the waitress was to present Tedra with red roses to get things started. As the hostess did that, I showed up pretending to be there shooting interior shots for the restaurant.

Also part of the plan was to have a few of Tedra's family members there as well. Hassan had t-shirts made with pics of family members on them for the family in attendance to wear. But as things do happen, Tedra's family couldn't make it, so Hassan decided to wear the t-shirts himself.

Once Tedra saw the roses, she had a pretty good idea of what was to follow.

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What song is that playing in the background?