18 January 2010

The Secret Life Of A Wedding Photographer

I never gave much thought to what others' perceptions were of what it is that wedding photographers do, other than the obvious of taking pictures. It wasn't until one day while speaking with someone that I mentioned that I was working on marketing, when my comment was followed with: "Ohhh, is that what you do during the week?" Ahh, yes!!! That and a whole lot more!

The International Society of Wedding Photographers conducted a study recently based on the misconception that wedding photographers only work one day out of the week, usually a Saturday.

The Perception...

Source: ISPWP

Here is the breakdown of what wedding photographers really do, based on a study of photographers around the country. So no, we're not partying, traveling the globe and goofing off. We are running a business.

The Reality...

Source: ISPWP


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mark Stagi said...

Great post and so TRUE! everyone always tells me they are so jealous and I tell them while I love what I do I work very, very hard and its not all glamourous.