27 January 2010

When You Buy Cheap, You Buy Twice...

This video cracks me up every time I watch it and further validates the "Champagne taste on a Ginger-Ale budget' philosophy.

While I am not the most expensive photographer, I am definitely not the cheapest. However, as any experienced wedding industry professional (and I stress the words "experienced" and "professional") will tell you, to consistently provide the utmost in quality services and products requires hard work, including but not limited to updating our skills on a consistent basis. This enables us to bring our 'A'game and these qualities are further reflected in our pricing.

Any experienced professional would not only be cheating the client, but also themselves, if they were to undercut their core value.


1 comment:

Artstar said...

Funny and thought-provoking video! It makes me wonder how and where this mentality began.